The best and quickest explanation of what Olvand has to offer probably is [the introduction text on the first page] and [this video], but you might be interested in a more detailed list of what is already implemented and what still coming.

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Player housing
Gather materials, craft your own tools, and then gather even more materials to craft your own house with these tools. Already implemented.

Various buildings for towns and cities
Think of townhalls, pubs, post offices and banks. I hope this will help the inhabitants of these towns and cities to form real communities. Already implemented: townhalls and pubs.

There will be a lot of multiplayer minigames to be played against your friends, or players of another city, or... anyone basically. Imagine games like fishing contests, robbing the bank of another town, a race from one city to another in a vehicle you created yourself, a massive game of tag with your city as the playground, Capture the Flag, King of the Hill, ball games, etc. Form a team with your friends and defend the pride of your town! While some minigames will be very simple, casual games (to be played in a pub, for example), others will be large, team-based matches that require good teamwork and strategy. Already implemented: duels, races and fishing contests.